Laminating Just Got Cheaper….

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Best Laminator

You all might be aware that I have a laminating…umm…problem. The fact that I have TWO Scotch Thermal laminators should be setting off warning bells for all to hear.

Really, I do. It truly has been a wonderful laminator and the second is just as a ‘back-up’, although I’ve never had a problem with the initial one I purchased {just can’t imagine NOT having it handy!}.

But I have a confession. Until recently, I was a laminating pouch snob. Maybe not so much a snob as a big ol’ chicken to try something different unless someone else convinces me. So I let a friend try out another brand first and then she convinced me that not only do they work great, these laminating pouches are WAY cheaper.


I ordered a pack of 100 {the Universal Clear brand laminating pouches are just under $10 for 100, compared to the Scotch brand laminating pouches that are a little over $12 for 50}.

Meaning I can laminate even more.

Not that I will {ahem}. But I CAN if I want to.

And I probably will.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  • Christy

    Is it totally redneck that I “laminate” with clear packing tape? 

    • Jolanthe

      no, not at all {grins}

    • Lisa Marie Wiggins

      I do the same thing ;)

    • Somer

      Clear contact paper!!! :-)

      • sarah

        how much does contact paper usually cost I can’t decide if I want to use that or but a laminator

        • Jolanthe

          hmmm…I’m not really sure. I want to say it’s under $5 – and usually in the kitchen section with the cupboard shelving paper at Walmart. Not sure how big the roll is though. Sorry I can’t help more!

          • chavea

            I use the duck laminate rolls and they are just over $5 at walmart for an appx 12in x 40ft roll. a little time consuming though. i may try jolanthe’s approach.

          • Jolanthe

            I had to laminate almost 25 pages today – so glad for those cheaper sheets!!

    • Sheila Steelman

      I do too……..cheaper and makes cents to me ;D

      • Jolanthe

        You both are hilarious. :)

    • Shanon Miranda Pruden


  • Tracy Ehlert

    I’m so glad to here that I’m not the only one that is obssessed with laminating….I’ve been going through about 100-200 pouches a month (I run a in-home daycare, so now I’ve been laminating all the learning packets I send home with the kids….once you start it’s hard to stop)

  • Sarabethgrace

    Thanks for sharing this! I can now laminate a lot more too! 

    • Jolanthe

      I’m so sorry. :) hee hee….

  • Jennifer

    Just recently discovered your site and I am in love!!  You have some AMAZING stuff on here!!  I was reading the above post and am curious about the laminating machine.  I looked on Amazon and read the info.  Is this a hard style laminating or the soft style?  I teach in a public school and do many games at home with my kiddos and would love to be able to laminate more often.  Thank you for the info!!
    [email protected]

    • Jolanthe

      Hmm..not sure what you mean about soft vs. hard? The sheets that I use and run through the laminator are soft and flexible, but when heated they get stiff. Does that help?

  • Tonia

    You can also buy the pouches that are meant to go through a laminator and seal them with your iron. I buy a pack of 200 at Sam’s for around $20. I place the items inside and then cover the pouch with a cloth (old t-shirt w/o design works well) and iron with my iron set on the highest setting and DRY. I have had one or two things come apart, but simply re-iron them and they are fine.

    • Shanon Miranda Pruden

      I am going to try this!!

  • mommy

    we use clear shelving paper!!!

  • Guest

    Thanks for Sharing! I have been very unsure for a long time about what laminator to buy. I’m going to buy a laminator today!

    • Jolanthe

      Have fun with it. :)

  • Shanon Miranda Pruden

    ok… just showed the hubs how cheap this would be for us… hoping he gives me the thumbs up.

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  • Missy

    Most of my laminating is done with the cheap sheets, but I also put whole printables back to back, laminate, and cut off the edges, then cut out what I printed. Still sturdy, but half the laminating sheets used.

    • Jolanthe

      great idea, Missy! :)

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  • Mimi

    i have a Xyron (sp) it was cheap from office Depot, my old office bought it for me when in property management and since they closed down I got to keep it,place paper in, line it up, hand turn and out comes your laminated sheets, cut as you need to as close as you need to. I even put smaller things in side by side, run them through a bit, add more and run through, sometimes have 3 feet of laminated stuff to just cut up as I need. works great.

  • Stephanie

    OMG!!! By chance I came across your site today, and I absolutely LOVE it! You’re so organized and have so many fun ideas that I can’t wait to try! I’m so excited I can’t hardly contain it!!!

    • Jolanthe

      Thanks, Stephanie – let me know if you need help finding anything. :)

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  • Cristina

    What is the model of your laminator? Just curious.

    • Jolanthe

      I have the Scotch Thermal brand – the one that is mentioned in this post. You can also find it at Walmart/Target, but sometimes Amazon has it super cheap too!

      • Cristina

        Thanks for your reply :)
        Amazon has Scotch Thermal in several models. The one I see at this moment is

        Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901) which is on SALE right now at the Amazon – yoohoo!!! but I’m not sure if that is the one you were talking about.


        • Jolanthe

          That is the one I have. :) LOVE it!

          • Cristina

            Yeah! Great!
            Thanks Jolanthe. I think I’ll get it :-)
            Thanks for all the wisdom and ideas you share in your website. I’ll be visiting it again.
            Have a blessed home school year.

  • Mama Fry

    I love my laminator too. Last fall I found laminating sheets at Aldi for 4.99 for 50 8-1/2×11 and a multi pack of 5×7 and 4×6 for 4.99. I figured that it is melted plastic no matter what. I think the actual machine makes all these sheets work.

    • Jolanthe

      That is a GREAT deal. I really wish we had an Aldi’s near us!

  • Lindsey Whitney

    I just bought that laminator too and I laminate EVERYTHING. I’m glad to hear about some new stuff. Thanks!!

  • MissFaye2U

    Thank you so much for the laminating pouch savings info. I operate a
    home daycare (18 years) and not only do I make most of my own learning
    activities and purchase laminating pouches to protect them, all costs
    are on me, so this info is very much appreciated!!!

    • Jolanthe

      Yay! Saving money is always a big help! ;)

  • Dominica

    Thanks for this tip. I ordered these pouches and they work great for our homeschool stuff, and now I can LAMINATE ALL THE THINGS! without feeling guilty :)

    • Jolanthe

      We love these pouches and they have saved up much!