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A Few Snippets of Life

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This past weekend included a few days of fun, relaxation, and memories for two moms. A break from the everyday. Some time to just laugh. Learn. Wander. Explore. And laugh some more.

While I was having fun at the Biltmore, I was following the #4 advice in this great article from Sally Clarkson {and yes, I have one of those children}. Take a few minutes today and click over to read it and be encouraged: What to Do With That Child Who Just Doesn’t Fit In and Who Pushes All of Your Buttons.

{Incidentally, the Biltmore was fabulous and we’re already planning a trip back with the whole family.}

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  • Mary Beth

    So glad you got some fun mama-time away! The past few summers, Biltmore has done ‘kids get in free’… If y’all are going sometime other than summer, call ahead and speak to their homeschool coordinator, she can give you discounted tickets!

    • Jolanthe

      I actually upgraded to an annual pass and kids get in free with that as well. :) excited to head back and definitely want to touch base with the homeschool coordinator.

  • Penny Woodin Rogers

    We went this summer when we were in the area for a family reunion. Everyone loved it! I must say I am a tad jealous that you live close enough to get an annual pass!

    • Jolanthe

      We don’t live close enough, but it was worth it for when we plan to visit again in 2014. :)

  • Bytesofmemory

    I know both of those beautiful ladies in that picture! So fun!!! Glad you had some time to unwind! We need to go back there sometime soon! I haven’t been since Sammy was an infant! Off to read the article!