Tale of Peter Rabbit Lapbook

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As part of our study of Great Britain we picked The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter as a unit/book study. We used Five in a Row for the study and I loved it! Homeschool Share has a great lapbook pdf to go along with many of the areas we studied.

Here’s how we divided the week to study Peter Rabbit:


  • Language Arts – animal fantasy story
  • Science – emotions/fear (crisis thinking)
  • Math – what is a fortnight?
  • Art – naturalism


  • Language Arts – vocabulary and onomatopoeia (McKenna has been having too much fun saying ‘onomatopoeia’ ever since…and pointing them out). I made a minit book for onomatopoeia to go along with the lapbook too.
  • Science & Math – planning a garden. I created a grid for the girls and they made a “garden plan”. The girls picked the vegetables that they wanted to plant and then laid out their gardens using Unifex cubes. They had to space them ‘x’ inches apart and have rows between their plantings (pictures below). The garden planning pages are available at Homeschool Share.
  • Art – details/movement
  • Beatrice Potter


  • Social Studies – geography and setting
  • Language Arts – noticing the details in text and illustration
  • Science – pets of Beatrice Potter
  • Art – created our own lapbook covers

  • Social Studies – setting rules
  • Language Arts – descriptive language and wrote a letter of apology to Mr. McGregor (used this resource as a stepping stone for our letter)


Today we put all the pieces of our lapbook together. Here’s how McKenna’s turned out.

And just in case you can’t read the apology letter that McKenna (first grade) wrote to Mr. McGregor, here is her note to him (her spelling). We put our letters on the back of the lapbook.

“I’m sory for eating yur vegetables and makeing a mess. Al (I’ll) clean it up for you. I’m going to plant you sum new vegetables. Al (I’ll) plant lettuce peas broccoli and lima beans.”


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .


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