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Insect Nature Study Printables – Learning About Bugs

Insect Nature Study Printables from Homeschool Creations

Spring is almost officially here – and that means lots of beautiful weather to enjoy nature walks and exploring of the various insects we come across. While bugs aren’t always a favorite of mine (I’d much rather be looking at birds, thank you very much), they all still have a purpose. Except for stinkbugs. I don’t know what there purpose is…   If you have kiddos in your house that are willing to search and discover different bugs and have some learning fun, head out doors and get up-close and personal while using these go-along printables!  

What insects do you see frequently in your area? Are there any that you get excited to see (or is it better to say scream over)?


The Insect Nature Study Printables set contains:

Insect Nature Study printables from Homeschool Creations

The Insect Nature Study Printables include the following:

  • Nature walk counting sheet – mark a tally every time you see one of the insects on the sheet
  • Backyard Insect counting – mark a tally when you see an insect in your yard
  • Insect scavenger hunt – for younger children, take this scavenger hunt sheet on a nature walk or when sitting outside
  • Blank insect observation sheet – record data and information on insects you find
  • Label the parts of an ant
  • Story writing prompt – write a short story using four of the words provided
  • Firefly poem and coloring page
  • Fact and coloring cards – color the image and write facts you know on the back

 Download the Insect Nature Study Printables HERE


Interested in the Extended Pack?

Interested in a larger set of the Insect Nature Study Printables? There is an extended pack with additional labeling sheets (for ant, dragonfly, and bee)  as well as individual observation sheets for the following insects: ant, bee, dragonfly, firefly, fly, grasshopper, ladybug, luna moth, monarch butterfly, mosquito, rhino beetle, scarab beetle, stinkbug, and tick.

Purchase the full set for $2.00 in my Teachers Notebook shop.


Additional Learning Ideas and Inspiration


The inspiration for this pack initially came from Tyndale’s Faith That Sticks insect pack and my past Bird Nature Study Printables pack. The stickers feature nine different insects (several that are focused on in this nature study pack (along with a MANY others) and will be a fun addition to your nature study.

Here are a few things you can do with the stickers. There are six sticker sheets in the set, so plenty to use for a few of the following ideas including:

· Using two sheets to create a matching game. Simply cut 18 3×3 squares of cardstock and put a sticker on each piece. Then have fun matching them up.

· Use the stickers as a guide and have your child sketch their own image of the bird. These stickers have some great colors that are eye-catching!

· Write a story using the stickers. Have your child write their own story picking 2 or 3 of the stickers or have them dictate one to you.

· Make some fun spring cards using the beautiful birds and let your child create a ‘scene’ to put the birds into!

· For older children, put each of the 9 stickers onto a 3×3 cardstock square and let them practice alphabetizing the birds.

· Make popsicle stick puppets with each of the bird stickers.

· Create a simple windsock and use the stickers to decorate. The stickers are light enough that they won’t add extra weight to the windsock.

· Make a fun bracelet with a few of the stickers and wear it on a nature walk. See what birds you find as you walk along!


Learning About Insects: Further Resources

Don’t miss these additional printables and helps for your bird nature study!



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Comic Strip Illustrations for History – Free Printables

comic strip illustrations for history - 12 page printable download Homeschool Creations

One of the BEST things that we’ve ever done for our history time has been letting the kids illustrate their history lessons. While taking notes works well for the older ones at times, more often than not, they really enjoy sketching out what they are learning.

Here’s the thing – they are recalling SO much more! At the end of our lessons, they are cracking up and retelling me more information from the heart of our lessons, and their recall is stretching far beyond what it has in the past. All thanks to a simple comic strip style piece of paper.

Illustrating history with comic strips {%{% Homeschool Creations-1

We’ve used coloring pages in the past to go along with our history studies as well as letting the kids build with Legos, but these pages for illustrating what they ‘hear’ from our reading have been a wonderful compromise because they appeal to the kids’ artistic side (and it is so much more quiet compared to the stirring of Legos!).

Coloring pages, Legos, and other ideas all  have their time and place during our lesson time, don’t get me wrong! We haven’t thrown out every other method, but while the kids are enjoying this way to learn and recall history, we are going to run with it!

Illustrating history with comic strips {%{% Homeschool Creations-5

The kids are all using stick figures and just a plain ol’ No. 2 pencil for their sketching (we can thank Grapevine for the stick figure love). Above you can see McKenna’s work when we were talking about the ancient Egyptians and the process of mummification. (I may have cracked up when I saw the picture of Pharaoh in a not-so-living state.)

Because I was getting tired of sketching out grid after grid on blank paper for them (mainly Kaleb) every single day, I put together a collection of comic strip style templates for them to use when illustrating their lessons.

comic strip illustration sample pages - Homeschool Creations

There are 12 different layouts in the pdf file (linked below). Some of the pages are in landscape format (our favorite) and several in portrait (the file will appear all landscape, so just pay attention to the placement of the lines where kids can write the lesson topic and the date or their name). Since Kaleb doesn’t draw quite as many pictures, there are some with only 12 squares, several with rectangles for larger scenes, and a few with up to 20 squares for illustrating.

comic strip illustration printables for history {%{% Homeschool Creations

Download the Comic Strip Templates HERE.


Hope these are a help to you all as well!

Draw and Journal Pages Printable

Draw and Journal Pages

Our children have always love the drawing and writing journals that we pick up every year. The only thing that’s hard is having them inside a journal book and not as loose leaf paper. There are many times that I like to include them in a lapbook we are working on or as part of another project we make.

As I’m gearing up for the upcoming school year, I put together some Draw and Journal Pages for the boys to use during their school time and hope that they will help you all out as well! They go along perfectly with the Draw Write Now series of books we absolutely love.

There are three pages {for now!!} in the free Draw and Journal Pages download. Depending on the ability of your child, there are some with larger spaced lines and one without a center dotted line. Download a copy for yourself and let me know if there are more that you would like to see added!


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Geography Notebooking Pages

Even though we’re technically finished with our trip around the world, someone emailed and asked me to put together a few more geography notebooking pages to use while doing their ‘world travels’ this coming year. Don’t worry ~ I still have more country lesson plans coming for South America and North America!!

But because I am easily sidetracked, when I finished up the ones that Justine asked for I also re-vamped one of my older geography notebooking pages. Ready to see them?? Click on the text to download the pdf files.

country fact sheet notebooking page for geography studies

Country Factsheet Notebooking Page ~ place to write down facts about the country, famous people from the country {and add a picture or two}, famous landmarks, and other information.

country geography notebooking page

Country Geography Notebooking Page ~ Jot down some notes on the country you are studying: square miles, longitude/latitude, natural resources, religions, languages and more. It also has space to add a picture of the country you are learning about.

famous person notebooking page

Famous Person Notebooking Page ~ Have a famous person {explorer, artist, musician, or missionary} that lived in the country you are studying? This is a notebooking sheet to record some information about that person: where s/he lived, hobbies, childhood, and what they are famous for. There’s even a little space to add a picture if you’d like.

science fact notebooking sheet for geography studies

Science Facts Notebooking Sheet for countries ~ Similar in layout to the Country Facts Notebooking page, this has room for famous inventors/inventions, science facts about the country, plant and animal life, etc…

Hope these help you all out! If you’re just starting out with your geography studies, don’t forget to check out some of the other free printables that I have available for you to download:

Learning About Morocco

Morocco was one of the countries that was ‘lighter’ for us, but it was nice to have a little bit of a break. We used the time to focus on several geography terms ~ strait {Strait of Gibraltar}, desert, mountains, coast, plateau, plain, valley. We also talked about the government in Morocco, read some great books about the country and made a very simple dish as our meal from Morocco.

You can view the other countries that we’ve studied from Africa on my geography page.

Week 1 Layout


  • Introduce new song about Morocco from Geography Songs
  • Use atlas and globe to locate Morocco
  • Read one of our books from our bookshelf about Morocco


  • Review geography song
  • Learn {and review} some terms: strait {Strait of Gibraltar}, desert, mountains, coast, plateau, plain, valley
  • Independent reading from bookshelf
  • Filled out the map of Morocco using our notebooking page

Mapping Morocco thumbnail

 Click on thumbnail to download pdf file


  • Review geography song
  • Watched the clip below on Morocco
  • Talked about the government of Morocco {monarchy}
  • Independent reading



Week 2 Layout


Flag of Morocco thumbnail

Click on thumbnail to download pdf file



  • Review geography song
  • Talked about the religions of Morocco
  • Story from Around the World in 80 Tales ~ The Lion’s Dinner
  • Made a little couscous


  • Review geography song
  • Summarized one of our reading books and copy summary/dication
  • Added our notebooking pages to our binder and stamped our passports!

Books We Used


Resources and Websites


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Geography Notebooking Sheet / Travel Diary

Here are two geography notebooking pages to help you in your geography studies. 

country geography notebooking page

Country Geography Notebooking Page ~ Jot down some notes on the country you are studying: square miles, longitude/latitude, natural resources, religions, languages and more. It also has space to add a picture of the country you are learning more about.

country fact sheet notebooking page for geography studies

The Country Fact Sheet {or travel diary} can be used for any country {I left the country name area intentionally blank}. There are several boxes on the page to record information about the country being studied: Facts about the country, someone famous from the country, famous landmark(s), and other fun information about the country. There is room for children to draw their own pictures, add clip art and journal answers on the page. Click here to print/download the Country Fact Sheet.

So you can see how we used it, I scanned in a completed one for the country of France. Ok ~ not quite completed and sorry the picture is a little dark {grins}. The handwriting is a little funky because Laurianna is trying to be artistic and make fun letters…and then gets distracted halfway through…

Before we started the country fact sheet, I pulled out our atlas and jotted down a few things that I wanted to cover. For famous people I chose Claude Monet. Famous places ~ Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. As we worked through our atlas we filled in some of the blanks and then the girls wrote a sentence or two about the other areas. I googled the places we were going to cover and created some ‘clip art’ for them to cut and paste onto the notebooking sheet.

When we are done, this page will go into our geography notebook for the girls to review later in the year. Here are a few more printables and resources to help you out as well.