Oh the FUN Weekend (Really, not Really)

This past weekend the kids had their first swim meet of the season. They’ve been looking forward to it for the last few months, especially in seeing their improvement since last year and the end of summer league. Competition is a little more intense at this level, but all of the kids have handled their attitudes well with the focus being improving their own times and strokes. Placing is great, but we really want them to focus on encouraging others and knowing they are doing their personal best in an area.

We left the house bright and early for a two hour car drive to the meet. Guess what – the sun doesn’t come up until close to 7am around these parts, so 5am is dark o’clock. (Side note: a few of my kids are WAY TO CHATTY for 4:45 am. For real.)

The boys started out the meet with their events. Swim. Sit. Repeat. Times were improved and all was well. Afternoon session the girls had their events and the boys headed outside to play for a bit. And then the fun really began.

Kaleb came in, sat down in front of us, and quietly began to cry. I noticed after a few minutes that something was wrong (he is our quiet sufferer). He held his arm and through silent sobs said his arm hurt.

buckle fracture xray

Hurt was really an understatement. While playing outside on some lovely chin up bars, he’d fallen onto his arm and fractured his radius (although we didn’t know that at the time). One of the parents from the competing team was also an orthopedic surgeon and after a quick look at his arm recommended a trip for x-rays.  We iced him up, supported his arm with a magazine and an impromptu sling made from his sweatshirt, and headed out.

Kaleb distracted by football

Fortunately there was a hospital about 5 minutes away, and we were able to hit the ER there (somehow our ER visits lately always happen while we’re out of town…).  Rick and I were texting each other with updates (he was in the waiting room with the older three and I stayed with Kaleb in the ER). When I pulled up the tv channels to distract Kaleb, he immediately picked Fox. I was confused why he would pick that, until he looked at me and said, “Mom, it’s Saturday afternoon – college football is on.” He is SO his daddy’s boy! But – the crying stopped and his focus was elsewhere (grins).

Kaleb with splint

X-rays did how a buckle fracture (small, but still there) of his radius, Two hours later we were on our way back home, all splinted up with the promise of a cast sometime this week. Not especially the way we wanted to spend the weekend, but on the bright side it wasn’t a serious break and it is his left arm so he’ll be able to do much for himself.

All in all, while a break isn’t ideal, we are truly amazed that in almost 15 years and 4 kids (especially with Zachary!!) this is the first bone break that we’ve had! Deep discussion has already taken place over various cast colors. Currently in the running are either green (because it’s his favorite color) or dark blue and white for the Cowboys. Gotta love that boy!

How was YOUR weekend!

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

3rd grade homeschool curriculum choices from Homeschool Creations

Kaleb is one of our most dedicated learners (i.e. not one to complain about his work other than possibly reading). He is typically working on school work before it’s even time to start the day and it isn’t uncommon to find out that he’s finished his math and handwriting – always a nice start to the day! He is also the boy that wants to do as much as he can 1:1 with me, so this year we are pushing him a little bit in working on math via the computer (last year we used Teaching Textbooks, but I did all the lectures with him because he said the computer was too hard – it wasn’t, he just wanted to be with me more).

On the other hand – he is my baby and I want to enjoy every last minute of this 1:1 time that we have together (shhhh – don’t tell him).

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Here’s a look at the overall plan for our 3rd grade year…

Kaleb will be going solo with me this year on Nancy Larson Science. The FIRST day of school he was already asking to do that and art (we phase in our subjects, so we are waiting until this week). He is also watching Zachary create from afar, so he’ll have a chance soon to work with Little Bits as a ‘bonus time’ at the end of each day for him for some STEM work.

Overall, he has been so excited to start this school year – and I honestly am too with him!

Co-op Learning

Kaleb is still in the younger age group of one of our co-ops and this year they will have two classes together: Spanish and Five in a Row. We have loved the books from Five in a Row and each week we meet will focus on one book and work on several go-along activities for the story.

Curriculum in Year’s Past

In case you are interested in seeing the curriculum that brought us to this point, here’s a peek at what we’ve used with Kaleb the past few years:

See What the Other Kids Are Up To…


3rd grade homeschool curriculum choices from Homeschool Creations

Take a peek at our 5th grade, 7th grade, and  9th grade curriculum choices for the year as well! Click on one of the images above to look over their curriculum piles.

Ready to start your year yet?

The Best Week Because… Preschool Corner {& 5K too!}

Preschool CornerThis week there was much cheering and partying in our house. And for a very good reason.

Last Friday night, just before bedtime, Kaleb pulled my face in his hands and whispered in my ear: “Tomorrow can you pray with me? To ask Jesus in my heart?” The girls had a friend over and he wanted to wait until she was gone to pray with us.

After we returned home the next morning, Kaleb came outside with me to talk to Daddy and we sat down together at the picnic table and prayed together. As soon as we finished, he hopped up and we ran upstairs to tell the older kids and celebrate.

With ice cream.

Ice Cream Party-1

I can’t think of anything better to happen during our week.



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Tot School ~ Catching up!

~ Kaleb is 39 months ~

It has been FOREVER since I’ve posted about our Tot School activities.  Not that we haven’t been doing stuff with Kaleb ~ but he hasn’t been doing as much planned/focused activities as usual. These last two weeks have been much better, so here’s a little look at some of the things we’ve been up to!

I thought I had a picture of Kaleb playing the animal sorting game, but my brain must be mistaken. He really amazed me at how well he was able to sort all of the animals in the Animal Sorting File Folder Game I put together this week.

Before this cute little Melissa & Doug farm sound blocks disappear from our house, Kaleb had to play with it one last time.  I actually had it sitting out to give to a friend, but Kaleb had fun matching up the animals to hear their sounds.

We had fun sorting pom poms by color in an ice cube tray from the Dollar Tree ~ the rainbow order came from an older sister who insists that all colors must be sorted JUST SO!


Some friends of ours were kind enough to give us an electronic drum set for the boys. I’m still trying to come up with a way to appropriately thank them for their generosity {ahem}. 


This picture is from a few weeks ago, but Life on the Farm has been one of Kaleb’s favorite games to play. Thank goodness the game is made out of a thick foam ~ super sturdy since he is rough on it. It’s been great too for going over our shapes and counting and colors.


We took a trip to the children’s museum and Kaleb was fascinated by these tubes that would suck scarves in and blow them out up high ~ kept him occupied for quite some time! :)


The dinosaurs were also something Kaleb spent a lot of time playing on ~ insisting that they were his ‘family’. I have no idea….


And potty training…want to see how well it is going?? You can read more about the bribery initial potty training attempts and some umm…. technical issues. :)

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Tot School ::34::

~ Kaleb is 34 months ~

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted what we’re doing with Kaleb, partially because Mommy is falling into the slacker department and not doing as much intentional stuff as I originally planned. Because sometimes life happens and then Kaleb gets the short end of the ‘teaching’ stick.

On the bright side, he has his letter sounds down pat and is signing the days of the week thanks to a few Leap Frog dvds…But when I DO actually plan, remember to take pictures and when my camera decides to work, there can some actual Tot School results.

Exhibit A: Found these great simple puzzles from Leap Frog that have shape matching and also numbers and letters. We just worked with the shape matching this week.

Exhibit B: Blurry, but proof that we also played with blocks this week {from Discovery Toys}. We had fun naming colors and stacking them together to make a rainbow.

Exhibit C: Sink time and ‘washing dishes’. Why I haven’t let him do this sooner is beyond me! Kept Kaleb occupied for quite some time…even though I had lots of water to sop up later.

Exhibit D: The dry-erase board was pulled out along with the markers {he is fascinated by markers lately} and he had fun scribbling and writing along with all of us.

Exhibit E: Wii Time with Outdoor Adventure! Kaleb loves the pipe slider game on this as well as the jumprope game – but needs a little help with the mat patting, so the other kids help him out.

Exhibit F: Scrunchies on a stick. Great activity for fine motor skills and we also use it to name colors and count how many are on the stick.

Exhibit G: Silent reading time. Kaleb crawled up in bed next to me the other day and grabbed a book from Rick’s nightstand. Just cracked me up because he was so intently ‘reading’. Especially because of the book title.

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